Djeco Glitter Boards – Butterflies


Magical butterflies flit across the beautiful board… all they need to become a glittering work of gorgeous art is YOU! The beginnings of an art board is at work… but it needs a make-over of the sparkly kind. Peel off the numbered sections to reveal a sticky surface waiting. Numbers correspond with the glitter for a sensational look, or you can get adventuresome and pick your own colors. While keeping your work in the box, sprinkle the glitter liberally over the picture. Delight and excitement will ensue as your plain picture suddenly leaps off the page in a colorful arrangement of glitz and glam! Complete all the colors and sweep the remaining glitter away from your piece with the special brush. Glittery magic at your fingertips. Four different boards are included and ready to be glamified. It’s exciting, it’s fun and it’s eye-catching beauty you made yourself! Spark individuality and creativity Features 4 sticky-faced boards to decorate, 6 glitter tubes in colors of pale pink, blue, yellow-gold, green, red and pink Includes gadget to remove the sticking areas and brush to remove leftover glitter Box has pre-punched hole for easy glitter funneling. Ages 7 and up. 

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