Fat Brain Farm Alarm*


It’s a silly sequencing memory game! Kids learn animal sounds as they repeat them in order of the cards: Cow says Moo, Chicken says Bawk. Remembering who said what last and repeating the sequence of sounds is just half the fun! Three wild cards (parrot, fish, and seal) add to the auditory fun as kids are asked to repeat certain sounds, make silly faces, or clap! Make the wrong noise or action and break the sequence (horse says, “Meow”?!), and the other players can grab the soft pig and “squeal” on you! Builds brain power and auditory memory. Farm Alarm encourages memory skills, communication, sequencing, auditory development. Pig oinks when squeezed! Includes: 42 cards, soft rubber pig, barn storage box. 2 or more players ages 5 and up.

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