Fat Brain MiniSpinny*


The perfect toy for anytime! Travel, bath, mealtime, quiet time. The benefits of Minispinny are endless. Little ones become immediately engaged as the colorful spinners cascade up and down.  Minispinny is the ultimate reaching and grasping toy as baby’s motor skills develop. Another great “keep-their-attention” toy from Fat Brain Toy Co.!.

3 vibrant propellers spin down the corkscrew pole – just keep flipping it over and over to see it go again and again; designed with vivid spectral colors, exciting textures, soothingly smooth surfaces

  • Practice naming the colors, count up how many limbs each propeller has; perfect for travel, bath time, quiet time, or anytime; get your little one’s senses spinning with excitement everywhere they go!
  • Great for ages 10-months+; exceptionally strong materials, high quality design for lasting durability; FULLY safety tested
  • Encourages sensory exploration, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, early counting skills, color recognition, cause-and-effect learning; simulates and strengthens young growing brains
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