Fat Brain Dado Cubes*


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Proportion, balance, structure, and color – Dado Cubes combine art and science as kids explore real architectural principles.

It’s an exciting twist on classic building blocks! Young imaginations are engaged as the slits on each cube are interlocked to create an unlimited number of three-dimensional structures.

Constructed horizontally, vertically, or nested together, these blocks invite visual-spatial development and problem-solving for all ages through design-centered, attention-grabbing fun.

And the best part – Every configuration, no matter how you put them together, ends up looking like a brilliant piece of architectural art!

Help your young genius develop a keen eye for form, design, color, size, shape, and space with the beautifully creative delight of Dado Cubes.

Dado Cubes
Set of 10 cubes scaled from 1 to 5 inches that connect via slits along edges
Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, creativity, experimentation, planning, self-esteem
Every configuration looks like a beautiful piece of architectural art!
Structures can be built over 32 inches tall
Nest them inside each other for easy storage
No matter how they’re built, the structures look beautiful and fascinating
Made entirely of durable, heavy gauge plastic
BPA-Free, exceptionally safe
Developed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A.