Iscream Sushi 3D Embroidered Pillow*


This smiling sushi and her equally cheerful little wasabi friend are the cutest pair! This adorable sushi 3D pillow would make a great gift for your BFF.

Soft fleece material

100% polyester

100% polystyrene bead fill

Embroidered detail

12″ x 12″

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100% Polyester.

  • This full-color, sturdy pillow is round just like a soccer ball, features metallic blue hexagons and is ready to liven up any space
  • Best of all, this pillow isn’t just fun to look at – it’s also filled with microbeads so that it never feels bumpy or lumpy!
  • The perfect combination of eye-candy color, to-die-for design, quintessential quality and FUN! – just what you expect from iscream!
  • Sizable pillow measures 13″ wide x 13″ high x 13″ deep 

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in