Paper Girl Sleeveless Dress: Subtle Fairies


Size 2 – 4 years. Our A-form is a timeless silhouette for girls: so pretty for special occasions yet comfortable and simple enough for your girls to wear every day. It can be worn as a dress with or without stockings, or paired with leggings for extra playability. Each dress comes with a little storybook about the illustration on the front of the dress. 

The front of this dress features “Subtle Fairies”, a soft toned watercolor illustration of the garden fairies. It is digitally printed on Kona cotton and with proper care it will last a long time.

The fabric we use is 100% cotton, which is soft and cool for Spring and Summer. We use high-quality shirting fabrics made of the softest Egyptian cotton and woven in Japan. Our illustrated fabrics are printed in an environmentally responsible facilities in California and North Carolina.

The story book:

This dress includes a little book titled “The Subtle Fairies”, about the fairies that do all the subtle jobs around the garden. Busy and agile, silent and hardly ever seen, they work on adding the subtle touches to the garden. They have important jobs such as baby-sitting the robin’s eggs in their nest and moving the leaves to allow a bit of sunlight to reach all the plants in the garden. They add scents to the flowers, drape blankets of fog over the plants and sprinkle dew on each leaf every morning. They do everything that is secretly important to make a garden beautiful.

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