Swingball 3 in 1 set*


Have 3 times as much fun when you play with the MOOKIE Swingball 3 in 1 game set. Ages 3 and up. 

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Set includes 3 games: swingball, basketball, and soccer; all packaged in 1 convenient base case. This creative and convenient design allows you to play a variety of games for maximum fun and flexibility. For home use or on the go, at the park, picnics, family reunions, etc. Set includes 2 lightweight checker paddles, tethered soccer ball, basketball backboard with rim and net, inflatable basketball and soccer ball, one pump. Base can be weighted with sand or water. For play on various surfaces. All components nest into the locking carry base. Features bright, cheerful colors. Promotes physical activity, eye-hand coordination, sports skills, cooperative game play. Height: 43 inches. 

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Dimensions 17 × 13 × 5 in