Tech Will Save Us Solar Thirsty Plant Kit | Educational Steam Toy, Ages 8 & Up*


The Thirsty Plant Kit is a fun, easy-to-make kit for kids, that teaches them how to build a solar-powered moisture sensor for their favorite plant. Using plaster of Paris, a few electronic components, and some solar panels, kids will make a sensor that tells them when their plant needs water. It’s the perfect introduction to building functional circuits and learning about sensors. And with our online MAKE platform, there are even more projects for kids to get stuck into.

How it works: 1. Make the sensor with the included plaster, nails, and tube.
2. Use the included components to build a circuit and add the solar panels.
3. Put your Thirsty Plant together and choose a plant
4. Try your hand at building a water bomb on our online projects platform

Kids learn:
– How sensors work
– How to make a circuit
– How solar panels work
– How electronics work
– Creative thinking
Bullets change to:
Make a moisture sensor, power it with solar energy, and keep your plants happy
Perfect introduction to circuits and powering electronics without batteries
Learn about sensors, conductivity and building circuits Teaches creative problem-solving skills
More projects online

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This educational steam toy teaches kids aged 8+ About sustainable solar power, electrical circuits and tactile creativity.
Part of Tech will save us’s electro-tech range, This kit is a perfect accompaniment to the Sew & glow and light racer kits.
Suitable for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade learning
Free access to Club make for unlimited projects and learning experiences
Perfect for learning at home, for educational after-school steam workshops, in classrooms or in schools

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