Tiggly Words Interactive Learning Toy


Requires a tablet. A unique combination of physical and digital play that is intuitive for young children. Tiggly Words Learning System includes 5 interactive toys combined with 4 playful learning games, turning learning vowels, phonics, reading, and spelling into a fun-filled experience. This is the perfect toy for 4-8 year olds who are ready to master their reading and literacy skills.

Tiggly Words is a set of hands-on learning toys that interact with educational games on tablets.

  • Includes 5 interactive vowel toys and 4 phonics learning games (free download) including Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen game featuring Elmo and Cookie Monster
  • Designed for children 4-8 yr. teaches reading, spelling, phonics, nouns & verbs, word building, digital storytelling, short and long vowel sounds, vocabulary and more
  • Compatible with all generations of iPad (excluding iPad1), iPad Pro & iPad mini; Leading Android devices (Samsung, Kindle)
  • Easy to use and safe for your tablet screen: no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no batteries needed
  • Has received numerous prestigious awards including National Parenting Publication Gold Award
  • Featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, USA Today, Mashable, Cool Mom Tech, Teachers with Apps and many others
    • How to play: simply download the learning games on your tablet, place your toys on the screen and the apps will react in real time
    • Designed by top educators for children 4 to 8 years old

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